ShareMap FAQ

What kind of map can be made with ShareMap.org?

In simple w – in every place where you use CIA fact book and want to customize it consider using ShareMap maps. It has two advantages over CIA maps – SVG format and easy customization.

What is license of ShareMap maps?

ShareMap org content is published on Creative Common license. This means that any content from ShareMap can be downloaded from the site and uploaded to Wikipedia Commons (with attribution). Also everyone can use somebody else work to create derivate.

Can I use ShareMap maps on Wikipedia?

Yes you can. ShareMap map license (CC-BY 3.0) is compatible with Wikimedia Commons. On our Wikimedia Commons page (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:ShareMap) you can find example how to make good attribution. Also there is new Wikimedia ex

Can I change somebody else work?

In case of public maps yes. In case of maps from custom user space you cannot modify it, but you can create new map in public section or your user space and import it to create derivate work.

Why it is worth to include background raster to vector maps?

Main advantage of vector data is scalability and easiness of modification. But raster data background are sometimes useful to increase human readability of the maps. ShareMap.org allows to include raster background to SVG files. You can only use background that are published on free license. Currently you can use: Open Street Map (CC), NASA Word Wind Satellite (PD), Natural Earth Relief (PD), Hillshade Experimental (CC). In case of CC background you have to add attribution of used raster.

Can I use ShareMap.org for historical mapping?

We think that ShareMap solution will be suitable for creation of historical map. We currently preparing some country border templates that can be used with historical data. At this moment please check

Why you don't have curve line tools?

Bezier curve line looks nice on maps, but have no meaning in case of geographical coordinates. So we will never introduce Bezier as new tool as Polyline. But this doesn't mean that you will have never chance to see good looking bezier line on your maps. We are thinking about creation of bezierization filter (similar to simplification filter). That will be converting/simplifying polylines to bezier curves.