Rules and conditions


  1. Author is responsible for map description and content.
  2. Author should not include any offending content in map description, name and geospatial data.
  3. Links inside map should only be used if link is useful for reader. Using spam links is prohibited.
  4. ShareMap administrator has right to block map from a site without giving reason. User can ask for reason by contact page
  5. Created map should not include data from commercial datasets, unless author has written permission of data set owner to release those data on Creating Commons license. In this case please use contact page prior adding map.
  6. If map include any Creative Commons Share Alike, Creative Commons Non Commercial, GFDL or any other license on license other than CC-SA author should mark this explicitly in map description.
  7. User IP addresses are collected for security purposes and may be shared on demand of Police, court or other public institutions.
  8. By entering email address user allow ShareMap to send him occasional informational messages. In the footer of each message there is information how to terminate newsletter subscription.
  9. ShareMap is hosted in Poland and it is subject of Polish and European Union law.
  10. ShareMap uses cookies for site navigation
  11. By submitting map to site author grants site right to publish it on multiply licenses and eventually collect fees for non free licenses. User does not transfer rights for the map to site and can publish it outside on any license.
  12. Every map submitted to the site will be published without fee on CC-BY-SA 3.0 license
  13. Map which does not contains elements on incompatibile license will be also relicensed on GFDL 1.3 and later license
  14. ShareMap requires end user to attribute map with map URL.
  15. In case of Wikipedia engines attribution can be placed on multimedia description page
  16. If user uses map image with "ShareMap.org" footer and the image is linked to ShareMap map page exact attribution requirement is waived


  1. Both ShareMap.org and ShareMap mobile can contain ads to cover service maintenance costs
  2. No personal details are shared with Ad provider


  1. ShareMap mobile app is created to allow user to view map directly on their mobile devices
  2. The app sent some analytics data to allow future improvements, no personal data are sent
  3. User can store his recorder GPS tracks at ShareMap this tracks are always private and only creator can see it
  4. If creator like to share his tracks with everyone he can include them in public maps (using Import tool)


  1. Search engine in map editor is connected to GeoNames API
  2. Anybode who uses Bing map backgrounds has to comply Bing TOS
  3. Anybody who uses Yahoo map backgrounds has to comply Yahoo Map TOS

3rd party libraries

ShareMap uses several 3rd party libraries on multiple free licenses.


  1. BING is trademark of Microsoft inc.
  2. Yahoo is trademark of Yahoo inc.
  3. MapQuest is trademark of AOL inc.
  4. GeoNames is trademark of GeoNames
  5. Open Street Map is trademark of OpenStreetMap Foundation