Line tools

With line tools you can modify existing line. If you want to modify polygon you have to change it to line at first by un checking FILL CONTENT in properties.

Continue line

With this tool you can add points to existing poly line. Just select one of line ending and then click continue line tool. To finish extending line just click on last point or use VIEW MODE button.

Join lines

With this tool you can join two lines in same container. "Click to select one of the two lines you wish to join together. Now click the Join Lines button in the toolbar. The cursor will change to a crosshair, and a new line segment will be drawn between the last point on line one and the position of the cursor. Click on the second line and a new line segment will be drawn, connecting the two lines together.If you want to cancel click VIEW MODE button.

Split lines

With this tool you can split line into two. The new lines will be added to the same container as source one. Select any point that is not ending point and click SPLIT LINE button.

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