Getting started


ShareMap.org allows you to creative various type of maps in your web browser. As the result you will have interactive Map on ShareMap.org website and static map in SVG format that can be downloaded to your computer.

When you visit ShareMap.org first time you can experiment with the mapping engine without registration. Just click CREATE MAP on the top bar. After that you will be able to create first anonymous map. Beware that anyone on the site will be able to modify or remove your map. You have to accept ShareMap.org Rules and conditions to create map.

It is adviced to register if you want start mapping seriously. After registration you will be able to create maps in both public space and your private space. Maps in your private space will be available for editing only for you. To register you have to enter your valid email.

Getting started with first map

Click CREATE MAP on the top bar. Enter some unique map name (ie. "John test map"). Enter some short description (ie. "This is John first map on ShareMap.org"). Enter correct CAPTCHA value. You have to check that you accept ShareMap.org rules and conditions. You can leave default map background selected in the box on the right side. You will be able to change this background late. We encourage you to leave your email.

After clicking CREATE YOUR MAP button you have to wait a second after which editor is loaded.

Map editor window

For the first time editor screen can look bit complicated, but it had some logic concept. On the top you can see tool palette, after moving mouse on button you will see the tool hint. On the right side you can see two panels - background selection panel on the top and map components panel on bottom.

On the left side you can see map panel on top and component properties panel on bottom. Component properties panel always displays properties of selected component.

Map description and tags

Inside Map Description edit box you add tags that will mark your map. Please use syntax below

Streetcar network of Hellwan (cairo suburbs)

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