Using/Adapting the mapping engine

Ulrich Bähr
Tue Mar 10 10:40:57 CET 2015
Tue Mar 10 10:40:57 CET 2015
I am about to set up a site to document historic roads (roads built by Romans or around 700 a.c. etc.). I came across Sharemap and I am delighted by your mapping engine. That is really what I am looking for.

But I would need extra fields. On each road segment I would need information like: CertainUseUntil, PresumedUseUntil, SourceInLiterature (which would require a separate list of references), CurrentUse etc.
(I was thinking of attaching a database to it.)

Apparently Sharemap wasn't built for that use. Is it possible/allowed to use the mapping engine for other web sites with additional features?

Thu Mar 12 00:18:43 CET 2015
Thu Mar 12 00:18:43 CET 2015
Hi Ulrich,
If you select line, go to 'Description' tag, you have 'Add' button under 'Features'
In this place you you can set custom features of lines and points.
To use this features in some meaningful way you have to create customized map widget and embed it on your website.
It is allowed and encouraged to create such widget and embed it on your page and consume data from ShareMap, you need only put notice that ShareMap.org was used and put link to original map.

I will be happy to provide you more informations - you can write email to contact|sharemap,org

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