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Hello -- so I have created two maps which contain both information of interest to people in general and information only of interest to a specific narrow audience. I want to merge the information which is of interest to people in general into a single "employer addresses" map and still maintain two derivative maps which contain subsets of the information in the single "employer addresses" map but which contain a different set of marker characteristics.

What I see in the way of export functionality is either an embed functionality (which I am already using) or a flatten-to-image functionality; there does not appear to be a way to export data, i.e. export geographical position data + label + label popup information. It would be nice but not essential to be able to export the layers individually; this is not essential because placement of all labels in one layer can lead to multiple layers by manual sorting of labels to newly created layers.

I've several ideas as to what type of solution might be usable, but I'm no expert in coding and would prefer to merely provide the use case and minimum requirements as a conversation starter. Thanks for considering this.


P.S. the proposed use case can be rephrased as follows: given Map A and Map B, both containing markers with labels and popup content, the requirement is to be able to export geo-located markers with their associated labels and popup content and subsequently import all such exported material from the two maps into a new blank Map C. A simpler use case would be a full export-import cycle with a single map's content; however, the ability to combine content would be extremely useful.

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About map merging:
so are perfectly right we have similar idea to add feature of map in map embeeding. We are working on this.

About exporting:
Soon KML export tool will be available for registrated users

We are waiting for other suggestions

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